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Originating in the Middle Ages, the Knights Templar emerged as a formidable military order, dedicated to protecting Christians on pilgrimage.  Facing challenges of their time, these knights evolved into highly trained fighters with unwavering commitment.

As a symbol of their allegiance, the Knights Templar prominently displayed a large shielded cross.  This emblem became a potent symbol of unity, embodying their shared mission and serving as a warning to all who encountered them.

Fast-forward to the present day, Golf Templar pays homage to this enduring legacy.  Our brand is meticulously crafted for golfers whose commitment transcends weekend leisure.  Featuring the iconic shielded cross, Golf Templar invites individuals with this shared dedication to join our modern-day Brotherhood. 

Embrace a legacy that links the past and the present with Golf Templar.  Our products symbolize a Brotherhood, honoring the commitment and valor of the Knights Templar.

Welcome to the Brotherhood, welcome to Golf Templar.